About Me, Andrea Cook

Why I do what I do & a bit about me…

Holistic Therapist & Coach

 I’m an holistic therapist and Member of the Complementary Medical Association and the Federation of Holistic therapists. Based in Cumbria. I balance my work life with caring responsibilities & voluntary complementary therapy work locally.

I offer both Face to Face and Online appointments.

FHT Accredited Usui Reiki Master Teacher


UKHA Accredted Kinetic Shift Practitioner

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner


Broad range of Early Years & Primary Education qualifications, experience and CPD with special interest in Adverse Childhood Experience and Childhood Emotional Neglect.


Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service clearance


Qualified Teaching Assistant and an NVQ Assessor


Member of The Complementary Medical Association


My initial career was in business where I gained many skills and experience of dealing with people from all works of life. I also have over twenty years’ experience of working with children, young people and families, in schools, private settings and as a Trainer and Assessor. I have a special interest in Adverse Childhood Experience, Childhood Emotional Neglect and Chronic illness. I currently combine private practice with voluntary complementary therapy work locally.. You can find out more about me further down this page.


I came to complementary therapies after many years when my own chronic health problems were not being helped by conventional treatment.

I believe that there is often an emotional factor contributing to problems in our physical bodies and modern science is now confirming this. We are more than just our bodies and It is my belief that we need to address our whole selves – mind, body and spirit. There is not necessarily a religious connotation to this – everyone has their own idea of what spirit is.

Natural energy therapies can help you rediscover yourself and get your mojo back and they have no negative side effects. I know this is true from personal experience and from seeing the results in those I have worked with.

All you need is to be open to possibility and be committed to work on moving through your problems..

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A Bit About Me…

Like many others my life hasn’t always been smooth sailing. I had a difficult start with a life threatening illness as a baby but that, my childhood, adolescence and adult experiences made me who I am today.

In adult life as a wife and mother (eventually) I battled with low self-esteem and chronic ill health and I experienced abusive relationships, infertility, infidelity, anxiety and depression and eventually I got to my rock bottom. 

I remember speaking to a good friend at the lowest point in the drama of the soap opera that was my life story as I related the latest poisonous events. It felt like the bottom had dropped out of my world and there was actually nothing else that the universe could throw at me. I was questioning why I had survived as a baby but in typical fashion was trying to wear the appropriate public mask “it’s okay … I just need to find the antidote that’s all” I heard myself say. It was here that the seed of “Aunty Dote Therapy” was formed. Much later those words came back to me as I realised my purpose is to teach and support others through their own healing.

Finally and very slowly the light began to dawn into that dark place and I realised that my emotional health was impacting my physical health and that the only way back out again was from within myself. I began to focus on what truly matters; people who had always been there for me and to seek out and learn from teachers that could help me find my way back to the path.

I began the long haul back through the undergrowth to the path that I had been on once and had lost. There were two parts to my world through those dark times:

The Outer Mask.

Life is complex but I need to show up in an “acceptable” way to the outside world. I must be happy, okay at all times, able to cope and balance all life’s demands and be all things to all people

The Inner.

Unbalanced and struggling to cope. Doubts, fears, overwhelming negative thoughts, unresolved issues and emotional hurts that impacted my physical health.

This is shared not as a “poor me” ego trip but to explain how the life fluff we all gather can end up blocking the filter in the washing machine of life. My own washing machine looked to be working fine on the outside but the laundry wasn’t actually being done and came out as dirty as it went in!

I had been seeing medical professionals throughout this period and never managed to feel any better. I was offered and did try various medications at some points but never found anything to help me; indeed sometimes the side-effects were as bad as the condition.

Maybe you can resonate with some of this? Maybe you’ve tried many things and found that conventional medicine hasn’t worked for you. Western medicine is undoubtedly a wonderful thing and I am acutely aware that I personally owe my life to it so I am in no way suggesting that it should be side-lined. However, in my experience the problem with it is that it seeks only to address one part of us – symptoms in the physical body and doesn’t address us as the whole beings that we are.

I believe that in order to heal there needs to be a holistic approach to balance the mind, body and spirit. In fact I know it because I have lived it and if I can do it then so can you. Don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting that it’s a breeze and will be done in five minutes. It takes commitment and time and a willingness to delve deep and look at things you may have been sweeping under the carpet. We humans have similarities but we are all individual and so our “antidote” will also be unique.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I can help you to find it and move towards it.

Much love, Andrea x