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a safe space for you to explore your ideas, issues and concerns

Holistic Life Coach

Coaching is a process that allows you to move forward and become the best version of you that you can be. It allows you to reach your full potential, maximise your performance and feel satisfied and happy in your life. It can be used in all areas of your life and is not just for high flying executive types or top sports people, everyone can benefit from impartial input and assistance with focussing on their desired outcomes.

For you to gain the most from coaching and therapy sessions it’s very important that you feel comfortable with the practitioner you work with. For this reason I offer a short introductory session to allow us to get to know each other and see if we feel we are a good fit and will work well together. Prior to this I will ask you to complete a short questionnaire for me to give me a bit of background and understanding of your concerns before we have a chat.

I offer a safe space for you to explore your ideas, issues and concerns and often combine coaching with other therapies such as EFT and Reiki.

Initially we will discuss what areas of your life you feel are working well and where you feel you need to make some improvements. Sessions are totally flexible and led by you and what you feel is the priority for you in that moment. Coaching usually requires regular sessions and the timing and frequency is flexible.

Sessions can be done on a face to face basis or using phone or video calling like Zoom or Skype. I work with Private and Corporate clients.

Prices from £45 and blocks from £125

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A gentle form of balancing energy therapy where the therapist places their hands on or near your body as you sit or lie fully clothed on a chair, couch or bed. Reiki is also able to be sent to someone who is remote from the therapist.


An energy technique, a combination of talk therapy and gentle touch therapy using finger tapping on specific points on the head, upper body and hand. Easy to learn and can be practised at home between sessions with a practitioner.