Kinetic Shift

Kinetic Shift is an effective blended therapy technique for Fears, Stress, Anxiety, Pain, Negative Emotions and more

It’s active, intuitive, dynamic and energising and it delivers astounding results FAST!  

Kinetic Shift (KS)

  • Developed by Karl Smith of the UK Hypnosis Academy (UKHA) and field tested with Military and Emergency Services Personnel
  • Kinetic Shift can be used alone or with other therapies and it can be used face to face or on-line so offers real flexibility
  • It’s difference is not only it’s speed, but that it blends several different techniques to create a really effective and flexible way of bringing about a change, or shift 
  • Kinetic Shift is content free – the Practitioner doesn’t need to know the problem …. In fact the client doesn’t even need to know either because their sub conscious mind knows
  • Used successfully with all ages and particularly useful for children and young people to shift problems (Remember they don’t even have to say what the problem is!
  • Clients’ love KS because it’s effective, fun, and fast; they know it’s worked because they feel different
  • My own personal experience of Kinetic Shift cured a fear of water/swimming I had for over 40 years so that I can now swim with my family without any anxiety at all.
Kinetic Shift UKHA Logo
Kinetic Shift Accreditation 2019 UKHA Badge

Stress and Anxiety

Fears and Phobias

Confidence/ Low Self-esteem

Chronic pain

Relationship issues

Grief and Loss

Depression and Low mood

Motivation issues

Frustration and resentment

Anger and distress

Guilt and shame

Worrying and over-thinking


” With Kinetic Shift, you feel the change”

What Happens During A Session?

Kinetic Shift is a 7 stage process. It is not a lay down, close your eyes and keep quiet therapy; it uses client participation to work directly with the sub conscious mind, not the thinking brain that will lie or cover up. You are led by the practitioner through the stages which use a variety of techniques to work through and release the issue.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This depends on the issue but Kinetic Shift is a fast and effective therapy and it is possible for problems to be resolved in a single session. Complex or chronic cases may obviously take longer as sometimes further issues are brought to the surface when the presenting problem has been dealt with.

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